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It’s no secret that the number of eCommerce shops is constantly increasing in the whole world. The growth of this business model is determined not only by the rapidly changing habits of buyers or the pandemic, but also by the fact that nowadays almost anyone can open an online store.

Unfortunately, the increasing influence of eCommerce doesn’t always mean easy business to online sellers. Various factors may have an impact on it. Two of the main challenges for eCommerce businesses are the warehousing of goods and their fast delivery to clients. And that’s where 3PL logistics come in.

Based on calculations, in 2021, around 230 million people living in the USA will have bought goods online. Meanwhile, in 2020, this number was lower by at least 2%. Although this number includes both people who ordered products and services online, the biggest part encompasses the group that bought physical items. It’s natural that the trade of physical goods requires constant maintenance of inventory and ensurance of supply. These can be distinguished as some of the most common tasks for traders.

Let’s find out how a 3PL logistics provider can help you with them.

Main benefits of 3PL services for eCommerce business:

  • Fast delivery to foreign countries

Today many eCommerce businesses are looking for potential buyers abroad. And often EU is not the only market traders set their eyes on. It means that more eCommerce businesses are setting their sights on the United States. And indeed, the USA is distinguished by a well-developed eCommerce culture which is attracting businesses to expand their online sales there.

However, sending goods to the USA by yourself might be difficult on many levels. Issues of delivery time, shipping costs, and customs clearance arise. And they are not always solved in a way that leaves everyone satisfied. Although trade in the USA sounds very appealing, many do not take this step due to the complicated process of shipping goods. Cheaper and faster shipping of goods through eCommerce fulfillment centers is one of the key reasons why 3PL logistics are becoming so popular.

Cheaper and faster shipping of goods through eCommerce fulfillment centers is one of the key reasons why 3PL logistics are becoming so popular.

  • A modern way to transfer order information

Most online shops are created using eCommerce platforms, such as Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, and others. They are fully tailored for easy creation, development, and diversification of eCommerce business.

If you’re worried about data protection or how to transfer order information to a 3PL logistics provider, rest assured. All details needed for order processing and shipping reaches HappyParcel’s system automatically via channels protected from unwanted agents. Automatization of order fulfillment grants you more than a shorter delivery time. Integration of 3PL software into eCommerce platforms is a great way to assign part of the workload to third-party partners.

  • A convenient way to warehouse goods and products

3PL fulfillment services have become popular and accessible all over the world. They’re especially appreciated by the long-term USA eCommerce businesses. 3PL companies allow you to use their warehouses to store goods and products.

You receive many benefits in one huge packet – practical business advice, the needed place in the warehouse with no unused space, packing and shipping materials adjusted to your products, warehouse staff that you don’t need to hire yourself, order tracking, and other perks that otherwise would require a lot of time and money to acquire.

To increase the efficiency of eCommerce fulfillment even further, special software that can be easily integrated into eCommerce platforms was developed. It lets the 3PL logistics partner process order fulfillment in the shortest time possible and ship the goods to the client on the same day. Because of this, items don’t get stuck in the warehouse and the delivery time is significantly reduced.

  • Cheaper order shipping

Compared to Europe, the USA has more buyers that can afford to and are willing to pay more for a product they like. If a business is in the early stages of expanding to the USA and receives several orders per week, a higher product price with a larger profit margin can cover the bigger rates of shipping from Europe to the USA for some time.

However, with the number of orders increasing, shipping from Europe can soon become very expensive. Therefore, it’s an unsustainable way to trade in the USA. All of this changes with 3PL services.

However, with the number of orders increasing, shipping from Europe can soon become very expensive. Therefore, it’s an unsustainable way to trade in the USA.

  • A higher chance to exceed customers’ expectations

Most of us would probably agree that you can create a positive image of an eCommerce business only if you pay extra attention to clients and their needs. Customers’ expectations are met not only by selling high-quality products, but also by offering fast delivery.

eCommerce fulfillment is one of the most convenient ways to ensure quick order delivery to clients. It’s possible to achieve because orders are usually shipped on the same day. There are other benefits to leaving order packing to 3PL logistics. Then, you won’t need to lock a part of your capital in stocks of boxes, bubble wrap, and tape, you won’t need to hire more employees and you will save a lot of precious time.

  • No need to use your own place for warehousing

Traders in eCommerce know very well that the most popular items must always be in stock. But when the supply is increasing or customers’ taste is changing, warehousing can become a real headache.

Meanwhile, the warehouses of 3PL companies are huge and will always have enough space for your goods. Just be careful. Companies that offer 3PL fulfillment shouldn’t charge you big fees for current products in the warehouse. HappyParcel’s fulfillment cost doesn’t include the warehousing fee charged for products that were brought and sold during the month. We charge only for the space occupied by the goods that are left at the end of the month.

  • High-quality customer support

Like any other business, eCommerce may have to deal with unforeseen circumstances, such as order cancelation, order return, or even the need to change the delivery address. Customer support of a professional 3PL fulfillment center is always ready to help to solve problems and to help your business to adapt to emergencies.

eCommerce business expansion to the USA is less complex than most think

Naturally, the wish to expand your eCommerce business to the USA raises various questions related to the taxes, registration of a legal entity (Inc. or LLC), and getting an EIN (Employer Identification Number). At first glance, starting an eCommerce business in the USA might seem difficult and time-consuming, but in truth, all documents are processed quickly and individually depending on your business structure, needs, and future plans.

As a 3PL logistics partner, HappyParcel can help current and future clients to process documents in the USA so that you could grow your eCommerce business on the other side of the Atlantic in a sustainable way. HappyParcel’s team is ready to answer all questions you may have about expanding your eCommerce business to the USA.

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