What makes us stand out from others?

Highly engaged client service

Always-on customer support allows us to promptly react and eliminate all possible fulfillment issues or client concerns. It increases both yours and your customer satisfaction.

No-frills pricing

Our clear and concise all-inclusive service pricing encompassess the entire cost of eCommerce fulfillment, including the packaging materials, all taxes, surcharges and fees. This pricing model protects your business from any unexpected expenses.

Warehouses in the USA

We let your business reach new markets through international fulfillment. Our USA fulfillment warehouses expand growth opportunities for businesses operating in distant locations.

User-friendly client portal

Collaborate with us efficiently via a secure and convenient client portal. It gives you more control over processes and provides accurate data on orders, finances, inventory, and much more.

Lower costs

By using HappyParcel eCommerce fulfillment services you’ll significantly reduce not only operating costs but shipping rates as well. We find the most efficient shipping method for each order.

Complete customer satisfaction

Nothing is more pleasing to a customer than a smooth order process, fast delivery, and neat parcel. All these perks will reward your company with the best customer experience and increased customer loyalty.

Easy and quick eCommerce fulfillment integrations

HappyParcel’s systems integrate with the most popular shopping, shipping, and inventory management platforms.


Expand your business faster with HappyParcel

Our precise fulfillment management process allows you to focus on your core mission and immediately grow to the next level. For instance, storing and shipping products from the USA fulfillment warehouse while running operating manufacturing and marketing campaigns from across the ocean can help you increase your sales dramatically. We deliver value to our clients by providing meticulous pick and pack services and quickly dealing with any fulfillment query. Simply put, we take over your major supply chain challenges and cure your fulfillment headaches fast.

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