Most Common FAQ’s

What services does HappyParcel offer?

HappyParcel offers picking, packing and shipping your products to your customers in a time and cost-efficient manner across the USA. We also store your products in our warehouses for fast and precise order picking.

How much does HappyParcel service cost?

Our service fees are linked to your monthly order volumes, therefore you will receive a custom quote from us. The pick and pack service fee in the USA starts at 2.70 USD/ order. Shipping fees depend on the chosen service level (express or standard) and parcel weight.

What is included in your service price?

Our no-frills service fee includes inventory receiving, automatic order processing, standard packing materials, and access to our client dashboard.

Are there any setup and integration costs?

There is a one-time account set-up cost, which is gradually discounted from the client's monthly service invoices over a fixed period of time.

I want to start using HappyParcel service, where do I start?

All you have to do is sign a service agreement with us and send us your e-shop credentials. Simple as that.

Where can I ship using HappyParcel service?

We will do our utmost to get your products delivered to most parts of the USA.

What shipping carrier options does HappyParcel offer?

We partner with the largest carrier services in the USA to offer fast, reliable, and price-efficient shipping solutions to our clients. Our partners include FedEx, DHL, UPS, DPD, and others.

What marketplace integrations does HappyParcel support?

We support the majority of most popular marketplaces. Find some of them here.

When will I be billed for the service?

We provide monthly invoices for the services rendered.

Do I get access to a dashboard? (Does HappyParcel provide any analytics tools?)

All our clients receive access to our custom-developed client Dashboard, where they can see and download various order, shipment and other metrics.

Do you charge per order or per piece?

Our pricing is transparent and includes an order processing fee and a per-piece fee.

How do you calculate storage fee?

The storage fee is calculated on a flat rate basis, depending on how many pallets your products occupy in our warehouse at the end of the invoicing period. We do not charge you for the storage space which was used during the month, only for the space that is occupied on the last day of the month.

Do you handle returns?

Yes, we can handle your returns for an additional fee.

How do you treat returned items?

Depending on the nature of your products and your preference, we may evaluate the returned items and place them back in stock or return them to you on an agreed schedule.