Advantages of using HappyParcel eCommerce
fulfillment services

Outsourced third party logistics (3PL) is beneficial for increased sales and customer satisfaction, when faced with storage space or shipping challenges, or you simply wish to concentrate your business efforts in other areas. By choosing to outsource, you free up your mind and hands for marketing or product development while your fulfillment partner handles all the logistics challenges of delivering the products to your customers.

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HappyParcel eCommerce fulfillment will:

  • Free up time, money, and people resources for your business.
  • Increase your customer satisfaction.
  • Help increase your geographical presence.
  • Significantly reduce storage and warehouse operational costs.
  • Reduce your parcel shipping fees.

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How HappyParcel creates value for you

At HappyParcel we’ve put a lot of effort into developing an ideal eCommerce fulfillment process. Our eCommerce fulfillment services in the USA sure make us appealing to businesses with a global perspective. This means that your products can be stored closer to your customer for reduced delivery costs and timelines.

Experienced logistics

Our logistics know-how amongst US consumers spans more than 20 years. We’ve made a selection of conveniently located warehouses across the USA in order to offer an excellent geographical reach for eCommerce order deliveries.

Simple management

Our clients value our advanced online portal, which allows them to have an overview of all their order management and transport management operations in one place, in addition to better cost management.

Simple and affordable pricing

Having analyzed numerous fulfillment service providers on the market, we have decided not to bother ourselves with long price lists. Instead, we offer our clients clear and frills-free pricing made up of key eCommerce fulfillment process parts – storage, picking, packing, and shipping.

Responsive support

In addition, our reactive client support team operates on both sides of the Atlantic to quickly deal with all issues or concerns you may have.

Established eCommerce brands trust us already


Beauty industry

Review ratingReview ratingReview ratingReview ratingReview rating

HappyParcel fulfillment services allow me to focus on business growth. They take care of our production logistics and fulfillment. Excellent customer service and shipping are super reliable and quick. I would definitely recommend it.


Household goods

Review ratingReview ratingReview ratingReview ratingReview rating

I couldn’t find a better option! I send them my products, and they do everything else! Picking, labeling, packaging, shipping. What I like the most – prices. It is really cheap for this kind of service.


Electronic gadgets

Review ratingReview ratingReview ratingReview ratingReview rating

At first, I thought that 3PL services are going to be difficult to use. HappyParcel proved to me that I was wrong. Customer service is excellent! I couldn’t find better prices than HappyParcel offers.


Hair care products

Review ratingReview ratingReview ratingReview ratingReview rating

I had spent WAY too much time managing my own company logistics and fulfillment stuff. Then I have tried HappyParcel, and now I trust them completely. Finally, now I can focus on my business expansion.

What is outsourced fulfillment?

In short, it is you collaborating with a 3PL (third party logistics) company that handles the complete product delivery process from an online order placed in your eShop, to the parcel being placed straight into your customer’s hands. eCommerce fulfillment services consist of receiving a product, warehousing it, picking, packing, assembling, labeling, shipping, and returns processing, if needed.

  • Greater business efficiency
  • Higher profitability
  • Increased customer satisfaction

eCommerce fulfillment services in the USA

While HappyParcel’s fulfillment warehouses are centrally located in the USA, we have to tell you one more time why it is worth expanding your eCommerce business there.

These locations are crowded with your potential customers, but you know that successfully operating in several countries by yourself is quite impossible.

Now, imagine developing your amazing products in your home base, while your online store generates sales from different places around the globe.

You don’t have to rush to ship the product across the ocean or stay up late at night to make sure you fulfill that express delivery promise. And no need to worry about the long shipping time. In a blink of an eye, it’s all done by HappyParcel – your eCommerce fulfillment partner.

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We know from experience that a growing company faces many opportunities and challenges. If your business is ready to expand into new US markets, the whole chain of outsourced eCommerce fulfillment may seem a bit confusing. Because of this, it’s worth choosing a reliable partner. That’s where we come in. When done right, order fulfillment will increase your business’ efficiency and profitability in many ways, but most importantly – it will boost your customers’ satisfaction. For them, there’s nothing more important than shipment speed and parcel quality.
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