Service Cost

Picking and packing

Pick and pack fee starts at $2.70 with one item packed in the parcel. Service discounts apply with increasing order volumes.

Express delivery

$13.50/parcel for parcels under 5lbs, dimensional restrictions apply.

Standard delivery

30% off official rate. Price varies with weight.

Additional services

Return processing fee (incl. one item) $2.50

Return fee per additional item $0.50

Pick & pack fee per item $0.30

Print material inserts per parcel $0.20

Warehousing fee per ft3 per month $0.50

Staff hourly fee for special requests starts at $30.00

    Services needed

    Why choose HappyParcel?

    • Highly engaged client service
    • No-frills pricing
    • Warehouses in the USA
    • User-friendly client portal
    • Lower costs
    • Complete customer satisfaction

    Too many fulfillment pricing conditions and exceptions are a headache, so we’ve simplified things. Our pricing includes:

    Free inventory receiving

    Free standard packing materials

    Client dashboard access and reporting

    Automated parcel tracking for your customers

    Unlimited cart integrations

    Round-the-clock support

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